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  1. jessy

    Useful video.

  2. carolr

    Very helpful

  3. zirra cletus edward

    this is great ‘

  4. Raghu


    Nice video again. Practical usable info.

    The graphics that you use for your videos are very nice. I really liked the expression of the kids in this video.

    I have a doubt – Are we not forming beliefs even as adults? I mean based on some repetitive experiences in adult life, do we not form beliefs? I can understand your point that most of our limiting beliefs are formed in childhood. We can use your process to tackle them. How about beliefs that we form as adults?



  5. Eddy McKenzie

    None of this seemed to touch me really. I do know I must have had a lousy upbringing. We were a family of 10, five girls and five boys. I was 9th. WW2 started and I was evacuated, and was made aware what scruffy ill mannered child I was, and moved from house to house. I was not really aware of what was going on, there were no comparisons for me.

    I was pretty scruffy I suppose. I spoke as I always did, but recall one incident that sticks out in my mind. I was placed in a ‘posh’ house, and I was asked if I would like another biscuit, yes I would, the woman just glared at me. It appears on reflection I should have declined. Then she told a story, it was about a frog, and I at the age of 8 committed the cardinal sin, the frog in the story (it had pictures) had a big belly, and I said so.

    Next day……….I was moved on for SWEARING! This went on for a long time. I had no pyjamas, no underclothes, in fact I was virtually in rags. But that was no worry to me. I knew no different.

    My father was 50 when I was born, so I hardly knew him, and recall I did not care much for him. He was hard, my mother was soft, so we have a bad combination. But these are very long stories. As a kid I was virtually fearless………NO? Then how about this, I watched good divers and swimmers dive off the cliffs into the Irish Sea. I was 8 and certainly could not swim, and………………..I just dived. Yes, I went down, taking in water, oddly I recall,before you drown, you hit the lower part of the sea and come up three times, and on the third time, I thought I had my lot. OK, the next thing I was on a grassed area and on my belly and someone was pumping water out of me.

    But the water held no more fears for me. I loved to swim and did.

    I do know if times when I was conscious of being a scruffy slum kid, that cut sometimes. I don’t think I ever got much love etc from my parents, they were too busy fighting etc.

    I think I have gone on enough. There are a lot of things that scare me, but never used to, and I put this down to the fact that it was …………say like in the Good Book, Paul says……….I did not know what sin was till I was told, and I do that which I do not wish to do.

    Marty, I think you will find me a hard case.

    Kind regards.


  6. Laura

    Great info to help other people. I forgave my parents a long time ago deciding that they didn’t know any better in how hurtful they were to me, and that I am a stronger person having survived through my childhood and then got over my low self-esteem finally realizing I was a worthwhile person made in God’s image – it took a while to accomplish for me and I try to help my friends.

  7. Joseann

    Hi Morty, very helpful to repeat these things. What keeps me wondering is this: There are people who do not have negative beliefs about themselves, are there? What has been different in their life? Did they give different interpretations to situations or did they not encounter situations that made them afraid in the first place? What determines whether a child forms a negative or positive belief? I know certain situations call for negative interpretations, but still, there are kids who are resilient and don’t form negative beliefs, what is different in them?

    • Joeseann, people the world over are different, it would be a boring world if it were not so. Let me give you one small example………….Negativism! I decided to do a bit of jogging in my………..50’s! I became more determined as time went on……..determined to break the 20 mile wall and see if it existed. It did, I contined to do 3 Marathons a year and also 15 City to Surfs. I boast not, anyone can do it.

      My daughter Jacky, said to me, Dad, can I do a marathon? Unhesitatingly I responded, anyone can if they really want to! I’ll just give you a few tips that I learned. Her first attempt…………..(I could kill her!!!!!!lol) she won a Gold Medal!)

      Laura if I may divert………..we are all made in God’s image. God is a Spirit, as the wind. I believe in Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of the Species’. (I am not really agnostic, in fact I am R.C). Every time I walk past the green mould………..I see the origin of life. You must read the book and then look at your Good Book to be true to yourself…………..He is a God of Love……………Look at the Old Testament! He was far from good then, he was very ferocious.

      Every one has a different concept of God. I don’t think two are the same, here I am thinking of what I commented on what Joseann said.

      The battles of man do not go to the stronger nor faster man, but to the man who thinks he can( or put woman in if you wish!). If you think you can’t, then you can’t, but knock the ‘t’ off…………..and do it! Look at the ‘greats’ in history, male of female………….did they have three legs or whatever……, they were just like us, but they believed in themselves.

      What did Einstein have? Stephen Hawking’, Paul Davies…………the greatest minds we have or have had? Stephan has a disease that says he should not be here, yet…… his considered the greatest mind in Physics. But I think you may find them Agnostics. That is their choice, so be it.

  8. NC

    Morty, Thankyou for this work and for making some of it available to persons who are not in a position at this time to participate fully. I have been enabled to identify an array of source-events by following the process you have shared. I can see more clearly than ever the life-long blocks to any enduring progress in any area of my life. I can also SEE how these patterns have caused me to “dissappear” from the professional scene. Well, you can guess how well THAT has worked. Also, certain past-clients, patients, and sponsees come to mind with whom I regret NOT engaging in these logistics more recently. I am grateful fortime to transform. May the Divine continue to bless you and others through you. N.

    To the person Joseanne, my own experience reveals that while I have not appeared to have formed negative beliefs, I have been denying them with my “overlies”. Overly compensating in every way while hiding behind the two-faced mask. One side denied negatives to others while the other side denied them from my self. Peace. N.

  9. Nice video . Thank you . Practical usable info. I like it .

  10. sgasta

    where is the Buy link for this product

  11. lusana

    Tankyou so much how do I become a practioner ?

  12. Christine

    Very helpful!

    Morty, could you give us more examples on these lines? (when you will make these video)

    Many thanks!

  13. Barbara Spector

    Excellent. I’ve had a chance to use this recently with a coaching client whose father reacted violently over and over again when he was a young boy, leaving him feeling he wasn’t good enough or capable.

    This process is so powerful!


  14. Wan


    After watching this and going thru the DVDs, can it be the past consequences and /or potential consequences that causes the fear, and not the belief?

    • Hello Wan,
      I think you have a point. I think its the emotional reaction to the event,or events that
      may cause helplessness in the future.I also feel knowing the event does not change
      the emotional content of the experience.Logical understanding of a limiting belief of
      ones parents is a kinder response but does not help to change the learned helplessness
      one can carry around for years,or at least help is sought.


  15. Sylvia

    Great video, very helpful. Thank you

  16. f rances cranton

    thanks Morty ,I love the way you simplify everything and found this helpful

  17. Mike Faucher

    Awesome; thank you very much.

  18. Priscilla

    Morty, This was very informative. I am so happy to have been exposed to you and your methods. After all these years, I now know that there is real help available. I hope to be able to work with you in the near future to disolve ( what I think is) my last roadblock. Thank you for your hard work and your results.

  19. James

    The more I go through the material that you present the more freedom I am experiencing.
    The process of remembering later events and then correlating our parents behavior of earlier events is invaluable in the sense that I too have very few memories of my early childhood. Throughout all of the processes that I have gone through I subconsciously utilized this method as a way to get in touch with how they must have reacted in earlier events. Not consciously realizing this until I watched this video.
    So thanks for this gift of clarification.

  20. marwa omar

    thank you very much

  21. APOLLO

    Thank you.
    I have never seen and heared about this.
    I would like to inform that i am person who needed this much.

  22. Joseph

    Morty, even though you offer great and smart techniques on belief change with your programs, your belief in Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species is the worst belief you could ever have for yourself. There’s way too much evidence that God exist then there is that we’re here by chance. Evolution is a fraud. Even Charles Darwin himself said that his theory lacked evidence, and that this earth being created by a smart being was the most logical explanation.

    The old testament “ferocious” God as you called Him, He acted that way for the same reason he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, or sent the flood to destroy the world. But before he did that, God told Noah and his family to warn the people. God will never destroy anyone that genuinely loved Him and kept his laws. Besides, if no one feared Him, nobody will respect or kept His commandments. Also remember, in Moses time, when God was more “ferocious”, Jesus still haven’t died for our sins. People were still killing animals for the blood of their sins. The tabernacle was used as a foreshadow of Jesus’ sacrifice, so was God’s attitude toward man’s sinful state. Even God acknowledge how impatient he acted in the old testament, before His son died for us. After Jesus died, God also changed toward us. Because the ransom for our sins has been paid.

  23. Jake

    Awesome video, explains the problems I’ve been having, cheers

  24. Mitch

    Awesome. You lay things out so clearly. Thanks so much for all you do. I’ve forwarded to many friends, as well as using the techniques w/ some.

  25. Alex Dail

    What do you do if you know a person has a belief that is driving a behavior and yet they deny the belief? I know someone who regular says, “I’m not good enough for you?” and believes that about most of her relationships or eventually comes to believe that. However she vehemently denies that she doesn’t feel good enough.

  26. Peter

    Thank you for the video that will help me understand what is mentioned as I have a hearing impairment. This does help.

  27. That was very helpful, Morty. Especially #4–if the client can’t recall early experiences before age of 7.

  28. Clear, rational explanations and the images are a good match for them, they really are helping to get me in touch with the words in the video emotionally. These are some very intelligent approaches to addressing these obstacles.

  29. Hey Morty, I have a question I analysis myself that I don’t know the consequences of getting it shaped. Do we need comfort? We need to play in life around comfort zone? Is it a necessity or just something invented?

    • Erik Chepoy

      I want to feel comfort in relationship with myself only and that nobody could affect my comfort. My comfort should be around feeling good with myself, my decisions and how things react on me in life.
      If I got good feelings about myself, strong and powerful emotions, would I still want to have the dreams I have?
      I want to get things in life and I want to feel good getting them, so whatever I do I still feel good and act with force doing that.
      So, in that, any reaction of something outside shouldn’t make me feel anything.
      What should comfort be for me:
      • Should it be affected by what I say?
      • Should it be affected by what I do?
      • Should it be affected by how others react to me?
      • Should it be affected my internal state?
      • Should I have something that effect my comfort?
      I should
      • Comfort should be about me.
      • But, comfort is a place?
      • If I don’t have this place? I will feel good about myself, but should I call it somehow?
      • Should I have comfort zone: zone I feel good operating in? NO. that means that I wouldn’t have limits.
      • If one has no comfort zone, can he do anything? Yes.

      Basics of comfort zone:

      You need to feel good about yourself, you need to feel good about life, you need to feel good about how you feel, you need to feel good about how others react to you.

      The truth about comfort zone:

      I’ve been born without the comfort zone, I didn’t knew I should feel good about something and that’s something I learned from watching other people. I’ve learned that if you don’t feel good with it you shouldn’t do it and that’s later been categoriezed as comfort zone. Also, comfort zone was indicator to wether you sit down in your comfort watching movies and things rather then put some effort to do other things but then effort was only born only after you consider that there is comfort in not doing anything and comfort from not doing something.

      That’s the process I’m going through to understand myself and the belief nature in the world – whether I need it or not is going to be based on what’s the benefits in it for me in getting what I want in life done.

      • Erik Chepoy

        I know what I want to have in my life:

        – I take actions without any fear of doing, taking, consequence
        – I don’t go back to comfort zone once I set the goal; aka watch movies instead of doing the task.

        I’m a little confused right now on to how to pull that of but I’ll figure it out soon I know.

  30. Arik Chepoy

    I can’t find why I have problems with calling people with the intention of selling and approaching people I want.

  31. Natalie

    Is it really necessary to recollect all the exact events that formed the belief? I am sure that most of them come from my parents, their frequent criticism and neglect. And have no problem admitting it to myself. Can I just leave the past behind and move on with eliminating beliefs without digging up those exact numerous instances that formed them? I feel that recreating them would just promote and keep me stuck in a victim mode. What’s the use of savouring the details of their mistakes and wrongdoing? It is what it is, I don’t think that recollecting details of the past will help to change the unfortunate consequences of it. Isn’t the general understanding of the source enough?

  32. Ishani

    Great video. Thanks!!

  33. Retha

    Hi Morty, I really enjoyed the video and I wanted to ask how the process would work when I only remember bits and pieces of my childhood, I have has nightmares all of my life just a dark figure over my bed and I wake up screaming, I was adopted at age 6 but went to several foster homes before that. How do I identify limiting beliefs with self love?

  34. wow, awesome forum topic.Really thank you! Cool. Canes

  35. Jane

    It’s wonderful to see that every time you air a video, new people are seeing this and getting value from it, thanks Shelly, fabulous

  36. Anupam

    This video has been very helpful to me in finding the source of some of my beliefs. Thank you Morty and Shelly for this.

  37. Maria Amélia Garcia

    Thank you very much for this wonderful video, it’s a eye opening….
    I appreciate very much your work.
    Best regards