Course Schedule

Your course begins with an introductory webinar on the first day of the course. That same day the first video content of the course will be released to you.

From then on new video content is released each week on the same day of the week. That material is contains all the details you need to begin that week's lessons.

We also have a live 60-minute webinar each week to answer any questions that arise from studying the weekly videos.

After each webinar you will be provided with a recording of it. If you cannot attend the webinar live you can submit your questions in advance and we will answer all submitted questions first so you'll get your questions answered.

Below is the schedule for the live Q&A webinars.

    • January 24th
      A special introductory webinar that describes all the elements of the course and answers all general questions about it.
    • January 31st
      This webinar and all the rest are strictly Q&A about the weekly video trainings.
    • February 7th
    • February 14th
    • February 21st
    • February 28th
    • March 7th
    • March 14th
    • March 21st