When you join LMT2: Mastering The Behavior Change Process, you get ...

  1. The 5-module course
  2. Daily exercises in small increments
  3. Extensive daily feedback

And if you register by Monday day you get ...

  • Three extra recorded sessions of Morty Lefkoe, Shelly Lefkoe and Anne Lieberman helping clients transform their lives
  • And a bonus training on how to talk about TLM so people actually listen and understand you.
  • The premium course at the regular price.

Lefkoe Method Training 2
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YES! I want to learn how to find my own limiting beliefs as well as those of others so I can help transform lives.

  • I understand I will be billed $900 today to receive access to the "Lefkoe Method Training 2."
  • I understand that this training is PRIMARILY about finding beliefs.
  • Once the course begins I will receive a new set of lessons each week for six weeks.
  • I will also get personal feedback from Certified Lefkoe Method Facilitators to ensure that I become a master at identifying specific problems and finding relevant beliefs.
  • There are no refunds for this course. If in doubt, see the experience of alumni. Others have money back guarantees because they cannot promise skill.

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P.P.S. MFTs in California can get 24 CEU's by completing this course.

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